A Guiding Light

She dances as the sun shines through her grimy window,
It's dazzling light highlighting her petite body,
With her hair tied up with a ragged bow,
She looks like a waif of the cold, cruel streets of Dublin,

by Hazel Durham Click to read full poem

Comments (9)

This is wonderful a poem on hope and salvation. There is always a guiding light in life; there is always someone for every one. A heart-warming poem!
She finds love with strangers on fleeting nights, She drinks alcohol to drown her demons, As they try to destroy her soul, Eating through her flesh, ....... she does all these to overcome pains she got, wisely write, thank you for sharing the poem with us,10
Beautiful words expressing the routine of survival.
Death had entered her life early, Darkness invading her youth unfairly, She plays with imaginary lovers merrily, They all want to win her heart, The poetess is well aware of human psychology, it happens with all of us. A nice poem...................10
A beautiful heartfelt write full of hope. We forget how fortunate we are with a roof over our heads. Simply wonderful words.
Life is twisted at every fold, neverthless it propagates being bold.
Into a life devoid of purpose and the right orientation, when a kind person comes with the largesse of heart to forgive and lavish love without limits, there happens a sweet change that offers one butterfly wings! Great write Hazel!
A poem with excellent phraseology and guiding light nicely presented. I like very much. Thanks for posting.
there will be a guiding light for the people who strives alone