A Hallucination

Suddenly you can scan in the dark
Seeing above flies a lurking lark
But becomes blind at the sunrise
The blaze blocks heavenly skies.

Then with mouth shut you converse
To another without uttering a verse
And discern you both stand a mile
Greeting each other with a smile.

From south to the north pole
Both of you practice comic role
Together in facing all life's deal
Thriving hard to make it real.

Strongest of faith you both agree
To a covenant never to disagree
In life's ventures you have to go
A promise neither of you will do.

by Marvin Brato Sr

Comments (2)

To make possible an impossible is a possibility I would like to make. Now I am making impossibly crazy comments. That means your poem affected my sanity. Very good work!
I love this Marvin, it speaks volumes and yet it is so pure in it's thoughts.... great work. HG: -) xx