AA (26th October,1966 / Calcutta)

A Hamlet From A Passing Train

The train I sat was chugging up
With a rhythmic sluggish pace,
It blew no smoke just rattled on
Across the stony mountain face.

A hamlet called me from the hills
Where green slopes and ridges allied,
A shard of sunlight from the clouds
Helped me to a leisurely ride.

I weaved my way through pathways gay
Where conifers basked in the sun,
I inhaled deep some fragrant air
Like never before I had done.

A brook with its silvery whip
Kept beckoning me from afar,
I could sense it's waters pure was
Nectar from a heavenly jar.

I marvelled at the rural folks
Living a hard but simple life,
Away from din of cities large
With stark bundles of pain and strife.

Made me wish for a cottage small
Where I could in my older age,
Live with greens and twittering birds 🐦
Be happier, peaceful and sage.

Oh my thoughts like the cotton clouds!
Flit within and out of my mind,
Each leave en route their footprints fine
With dreams that are never defined.

The train edged past and eased me out
Of my sojourn at nature's fold,
The lulling mist bid farewell sweet
A magical sight to behold.

A passing wish I asked of Gods
When straining my eyes seemed in vain,
That I may once more pass that way
To visit the hamlet again.

by Amar Agarwala

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