Why I do not follow
you may never know
but it's only cetain
where my path will go
I will follow a reflection
i will follow a ghost
for it seems it is those things
about you I love most
You will dream of a perfect day,
and waste it in every way,
and you will be unsatisfied
all the rainbow's colors
blackened to mold
I could shield you from anything
but not from yourself
for it is the unknown
which makes things beautiful
and now I know
who you are.

by John Powers

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wow amazing notttttt: (
It should be read as magnificent poem, instead of mag magnificpoem.
A beautiful poem. Tons of imageries make my whole being of nothingness shiver with a craving for a celestial mirror that could fill me with a perfect introspection of the wholeness of the Universe around. For the first time in my life, I have come across such a beautiful, mag magnificpoem. Great work. Thanks.
well, so much for the golden years! I will remove all mirrors in my house immediately. Yet truth is applied here in layer upon layer so I think it best if we keep a physical or metaphorical mirror at hand at all times to keep an eye on who we are becoming.
Walt Whitman describes the human devolution, but at the same time, this process is reversible. The end of a civilization means the beginning of a new one. The last line seems to be relevant in this prophetic poem.
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