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A Hand
AY (August 15,1989 / Toronto, Ontario)

A Hand

Poem By Alexandra Yeboah

When I close my eyes,
all is lost.
Evil sights around me
fade away.
I try to pretend nothing is there-
everything is gone.

I open my eyes,
reality hits me hard,
I can scarcely breathe.
I try to pretend it’s not there.
It’s no use,
It’s real,
And it scares me.

Wish I could close my eyes forever.
Let it all fade away.
Wish I could crawl somewhere safe,
Away from all evil.
Away from all noise.

But in the deep depths of darkness,
I feel a hand
slowly edge its way towards me.
Tightly I grab onto it,
not wanting to let it slip away.

It comforts me,
my shield from all that’s around me.
The hand of God leads me
Away from the evil,
Out of the dark.
There is light.
I feel safe.

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Comments (2)

I know exactly what your saying Alex and have been there...I love poetry that I can relate to and this piece of work is certainly one of them....So I thank you for sharing and I am thankful for the reminder of 'A Hand...' I enjoyed the read......keep sharing Shelley
beautiful poem...looking at your surname i wondered if you have any ghanian origins?