A Handful Of Tireless Air

Can you give me
a handful of tireless wind?
There is no contagious germ
No deep of sigh of remonstration
Of any widow
No sound of treadle of dust
Imbued with agonized tears,
No hopeless cry of the new born child!
Can you give me such
tireless wind? where
is no cold touch of breath
of any forlorn lover’s

by Gouri PaulSarkar

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The wind has its story of where it blows and what it brings. To lovers, a song of joy; to some an embalming kiss; and to some, a warning. You have asked for a tireless wind that does not carry tears, sighs, dust and hopeless cries of a child. It is a poet's allusion. Beautiful write. Please keep writing.
Every cc of air we breathe was at one time exhaled by another being with one emotion or another. Thanks for sharing, Gouri Peace