MA (March 27,1951 / India)

& A Handy Mouse

This rodent
Is obedient.
It helps me connect
In an instant

With the ones
I simply love.
It’s a cute mouse,
Never runs all over my house.

I have laid no traps
To tempt him with bread.
He sits in one place
And politely behaves.

He obeys my commands
And makes no demands.
It does have needs
Just some leads,

So it can work
It has no quirks.
So I am at ease
And work in peace.

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Comments (4)

A real mouse has entered my house! It keeps running around during the day, and at night it sleeps away! It is the consort of Lord Ganpati, but prosperity never comes! I have to kill it one fine day, before it thinks I am dumb! - Raj Thanks Mamtaji for your poem -it inspired me to write about this true incident! 10/10! -Raj Nandy
a great concept about the mouse (computer) ... very obedient likewise mine with my finger command...great write... Ency Bearis
What a cute story about a mouse.Simply love it.
Marvelous. I love your mouse and that is also mine! 10 added.