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A Happy Birthday Sonnet For Jerry
AC (6th August,1945 / Melbourne, Australia)

A Happy Birthday Sonnet For Jerry

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
I think I'd better not because you'll say
'You silly cow, you know I hate the heat.
It makes me cross and grumpy, and I'll beat

The living daylights out of those who sigh
And dream beneath a cloudless summer sky.'
How sad for you, the Aussie eye of heaven
Shines hot and hellish from around eleven.

By three o-clock you're panting in the heat.
This blood summer really has you beat.
Oh what the heck, no matter what you say.
Let's have a drink and celebrate YOUR day.

So long as you can breathe and I can see.
So long we'll share this muse called poetry.

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a typical aussie poem about the heat! incorporated into a birthday poem. hahahah! i love it. just a point of observation, in your 2nd last verse, line 2 ' this blood summer....' i think should read - this summer... cheerio carola
What can I say 'cept thank you sweetheart, and apologise for being an old grump. Love you, Jez
one of the best birthday poem's i ever saw
What a delightful birthday poem, Alison.
Aw Allie... this is so lovely! As Fran says, not all sugary... just to the point and clearly written with much love for your friend and companion in life! And of course I love Shakespeare... so what't not to like with this fine sonnet? Bravo Allie! HG: -) xx
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