A Happy Ending

Poem By Shirley Ruth Caron

I am an epileptic - I've had a hard and stressful life
All I had come to know was heartache and strife
The hardships that I've encountered over the years
Has always left me down and out, and drowning in my tears

Sometimes, I'm filled with the fear of the spell that overcomes me
My body shakes and trembles with unexpected energy
I am weak, tears rolling down my face;
I look around in bewilderment, and wonder: "Where am I - What is this place!?"

After it's all over, and my body is calm and revived,
I thank God up above, for my having survived!

My life has been much better since I met Michael - who is so kind
I am very happy- all tears I've left behind
He has a true love for me, that will never die
He fills my days and nights with laughter, I no longer have to cry!

Comments about A Happy Ending

Shirley, I have been in a very similar situation. I have lived a difficult and hard life. Some experiences were more than I could bear and left me a bitter and broken spirit. I can remember a particularly bad time when I was forced to my knees and somehow found the courage to throw away my anger and pride to utterly humble myself before God. It came after a series of the worst events I could have imagined. Since then, I have seen God at work in my life and have found strength to carry on. I pray to do God's will, though it sorely tests me at times. We are all fragile and fall woefully short of being what God would want us to be. I know that now, and though I still remember what I was, I also know that He will carry me through when I am at my darkest and feel most alone. God bless. Dave Mansfield

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