(22 December 1869 – 6 April 1935 / Maine / United States)

ଯମପୁର କଥା

ଯମପୁର କଥା
କେବେ ଭାବିନାହିଁ
ପାପ କଲେ
ଦଣ୍ଡିତ ହେବି
ଯମର ତେଲ କଡେଇ ରେ
ପଡି ଛଟପଟ ହେବି
ତେଣୁ ବେଳ ଥାଉଁ ଥାଉଁ
ଯାଉଛି କିଛି
ପୁର୍ଣ୍ୟ ଅରଜିବି!

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Its good very good i love it Be blessed
Destined to live away from own children old parents feel a bit of loneliness
it was very poetic and beautiful. I like that it had a moral and that it rhymed, please oh please write some more and make this person a blessed child.
*Slow claps* Erm, very nice job! Eh.
Quite pathetic
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