A Happy Pair

...Touch my heart with tenderness,

And fill my cup with love,

speak to my mind with softness

and fill my ears with joy,

wish me goodnight as i wish u a soft one,

then lets lie covered in a warm duvet.

Share my dreams as I share yours,

And we'll reach the stars above.

just passing the bright moon,

our feelings cheered by it's ray.

Take my hand and show me the way,

and I'll lead you when u cant see,

I'll show you that I really care,

True love is hard to find.

but if we look in the right places,

in smiles forever we will live.

Touch my life and I'll touch yours

A little more each day,

let's show each other that we care,

and live the world a happy pair.

in that:

... we can both find happiness

... Somewhere along the way..

by Jim Agunga

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