A Happy Person

She is such a lovely young lady free of conceit and of guile
She helps me for to feel younger when she greets me with a smile
Every time that i do see her in the park or on the street
People like her are worth knowing and always a pleasure for to meet
She is one who does not ignore me though my hair is silver gray
Always greets me with a big smile and wishes me a nice day
People like her are not in the many in the World of today
Most of them if not looking at their smart phones from you look the other way
People like her we need more of to your day some joy they do bring
Their happiness they share with others and this is such a marvellous thing
Happy people make others happy as they do have the inner glow
She is one of those rare people i feel happy of to know
A down to earth and lovely person free of any sort of guile
Every time that i do see her she always greets me with a smile.

by Francis Duggan

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