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A Happy Place...
(09/1965 / Australia)

A Happy Place...

Your gesture’s smile into my eyes, a happy grin
There is all of you here, so where do I begin?
The simplest touch of your silken skin to my hand
Sends me reeling skyward way above this earthly land

As I gently draw you closer, I want you nearer still
There is always a space between us, wanting to fill
I touch your beautiful presence with my mind’s eye
With a deep sigh of relief my feelings can freely fly

I have waited for so long to live within this moment
Like I was reluctantly enjoying the pain of torment
The room is lit with the flickering of illuminating desire
Rapidly beating deep within, my soul’s heart is on fire

I hold your arms high in the air as I brush past your hair
Pinning you down to the back of the chair, sitting there
Soft and warm kisses upon your nape make me tremble
As I drift to another place with you, somewhere austral…

My eyes may be closed, but your perfect face I clearly see
The deeper the kiss becomes, the deeper you are within me
I find there is another domain within this one of passion
As I fall into this deepening kiss, I rise above into ascension…

We are truly no longer within these bodies of our own
Joined together into another plain in which we have flown
Capturing glimpses of this heavenly ascent both entwined
There is little thought of our earthly bound bodies combined

Engrossed are we as the experience grows deep and deeper still
Seductively moving through this bath of passion is our only will
Spellbound are we into a sea of wanton desire of lover’s lust
There is nothing surrounding us but deepening emotional trust

But the moments of the journey’s end are drawing ever nearer
And what happens next has become to me clearer and clearer
For this isn’t the fairy-tale of two lovers never meant to be apart
It’s about sharing a happy place together, but not one within the heart…

And as this journey began, it does also come to an eventual end
And as I gently trace the outline of your pretty face once again
I realise that we have become our single earthly beings once more
And that small space between us is gone, as I go as myself out that door….

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