A Happy Thought

Dancing on boxes I sing happily.
On top of the sea sails a ship sails moving flappily.
Never look a seagull in the eye for they'll cheat.
Try to find puzzles that can be a real treat.

Turn three left then three left more whimsically.
Really if you knew anything you'd look at it vertically.
Understand that I mean this all nicely.
Stop looking for clues if you know the crimes taken lightly.
Trust me I know this it's seen by everyone quite nearly.

Zebras don't like coconuts as should be seen clearly.

Over the mountain the children are dancing.
Really you'll see them quite joyously prancing.

Bears like honey and they eat it quite sloppily.
Everyone here knows I can spell floppily.
Can't you see the words written so darkly?
Can you try to look at the sky made so sparkly?
Ants can work in conditions quite sandy

This is the end of my poem I hope it was handy.

by Vanessa Parodia

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