CB (1946 / Tennessee)

A Harbor

Come into my open arms
and I’ll chase away your fears,
feed your empty aching need
and dry up all your tears.

To the lonely, weary traveler,
my heart’s a soothing balm;
a harbor from the storm tossed seas,
a respite and a calm.

So come to me and rest your head,
here upon my breast,
lay down your heavy burdens
and take much needed rest.

All things change soon enough
and this, too, will fade away,
the heart will mend, the storm will cease,
and tomorrow’s a brand new day.

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Comments (5)

This is about giving comfort to another tired battrered weary soul and remind that tomorrow is another day, a day of hope
A honorable hill of hopeful romance that promises safety and satisfaction. Well written!
I love this one too- nice rhyme, nice messages, nice all! Thanks for sharing
Very beautiful, moving and have lot of meanings.
Nice rhythm and flow and I love the subject matter. Everyone needs safe harbor.