AM (12 /09/1985 / Harare zimbabwe)

A Hard Feeling

A hard feeling

Prune feelings and walk away
Stallions harnessed on chariots a kind of a way.
The hunch allures a thrash whenever you sway.
What do humanity achieve in such a way.
A whip and strength to drag seemingly cheery rides.
Wait, Did I say walkaway?
Oh, do not defy because sanction awaits.

A dogs on leash has been our ways since birth.
Learning ways must be adhered.
Behold they sermonize loyalty as if it is their fashion.
The minute you contest, the very one your movement comes to a halt.
I witnessed all waggling tails reduced to the backbone.
Now everyone is tongue-tied and dancing attune.
Though not amusing, we still cannot cease to live.

They talk liberty and continuity,
We murmur suppression to their acclaimed gospel.
Without remorse we live under an umbrella of survival.
Left to burn out in the wilderness.
The exact time cessation catches up.
New lineage is born to inherit the iron fist of its parentage.

Choked but with nothing being eaten.
Enduring pain in the heart with no one discovering.
Imprisoned in the umbrella terms of sovereignty.
Everyone around bleeds the same sentiment.
What have they done about it?
Emancipation is not easy to attain,
Especially when you are undersome kind of rule.

It's like being dragged in muddy thorns.
With every thorn spiced by mud that coats it.
Bearing the pain and everyone feels likewise.
No to unit to distract the oppressor nonetheless this is our world,
It'show subjects live.

The jungle full of species
Not everyone has the right to anything.
Some are privileged to do whatever they want,
While others are deprived.
Nature named us inhabitants and never limit us.
But withinus a seed has germinated,
Aseed of power and belonging
A seed of strength and jurisdiction.
Obey whatever it requests and live in utmost peace.
Think otherwise and break a rule, feel the wrath of a god.

It is hard to watch them abuse (the little guy)peace.
It irritates to watch folks speak greatly of things they fail to do themselves
What education is that?
Teaching minors something power keeps violating.
Who among them would dare attempt?

Let'slive together, trust one another and be peaceful.
Let's stop oppression and live with equal desire.
God created us in his own image,
Hence everything we do must be Godly.

by Alison Mujati

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