A Hate, Love Syndrome

“Shut up, shut up, shut up and go away”
I threw the stone at crow to scare away
It was disturbing me with unpleasant voice
It was making me irritant with noise

I don’t know whether it was because of look
Appearance in early morning on hook
I couldn’t make out exact reason for dislike
Bird was on lovely earth flying like kite

Music leaves impact on blind and even on deaf
It is opening of new day like emergence of new leaf
Human being always loved beautiful birds
I sat in silence and peacefully heard

I was spell bound by the melodious songs
It stops person from doing anything wrong
It has blessings from the divine power
Always worshiped and found for an answer

I couldn’t distinguish what was wrong with black crow
It had all the freedom to live in environment and grow
How cuckoo could create spell bound magic?
Why crow failed to appeal with music?

It makes lot of difference when hear in bird's voice
What a melody in the ears in the morning devoid of noise?
Think of vigor and strength that it offers to ailing body
Health with music and stable mind is anybody's guess in body

Well both were meant to serve as good carriage
One with melody and another with clearance of garbage
One for fine health of individual and another for mass
There were different but with same important class

Only irritant was simply unpleasant voice
How to compare melody with noise?
I thought I must be rationale in approach
It was visibly seen in day light without any torch

We tend to bear one sided view
We sometimes offend person which not due
It is inherent weakness of fragile mind
Such situation you will never find

Generally we fail to hide our displeasure
It is not yardstick for anything to measure
I hate crow for no reason and am also not sure
There may not be any medicine for it to cure

We fail to recognize the contribution they made by them
They are the factor for our healthy state and real gem
Think of scattered garbage and bad odor in the street
How can music appeal to you when dirty things to meet?

Scavengers, messengers or apostle of anything you call
You must like them whether you see them on tree or wall
There are here to serve you for mental and body health
They are inseparable part of our life and real wealth

by Hasmukh Amathalal

Comments (3)

ut up, shut up, shut up and go away” I threw the stone at crow to scare away It was disturbing me with unpleasant voice It was making me irritant with noise............very nice placement of words and indeed very true....10
Overall, poem seems to discern rightly, leaves that impression. For some unknown reason we all seem to find crows interesting. They seem rather otherworldly. Outdoorsy if nothing else. Kind of remarkable. Seems that many famous poets have written about them. And now you, too.
this piece is nice...length cant destruct the meaning....well done...i want to quote this line..''shut up...shut up....'...actually, this expression made me think of my best friend here...sorrrrryyyyyyy for the words my dearest....i'll not say it again, promise... and this piece? ..of course...so nice...