A Haunting Melody

Poem By David Whalen

It's not lyrics…but
That lie ‘neath the melody

Ghostly murmurs that
the refrain

Sursurrant sounds
That surge
And then melt

Whispers not heard but
more chillingly

As tingles and ripples
Of black fingernail

Minor chords that caress,
And then go

Up spine and then
cross brain

A musical medly
Of whispers
And melody

Song fashioned by phantoms
From mist
…Icicles and rain…

Comments about A Haunting Melody

(continued) ...su·sur·rate ˈso͞osəˌrāt/ verb literary (of leaves, wind, etc.) make a whispering or rustling sound. and ....medly? ? ? perhaps medley? ? ? then again, ? i think i always have trouble spelling icicles! ! ! but now i've just found a solution. i'll think of circles, minus the r, but with i in front. bri :)
some favorite lines: Raking…. Up spine and then Spider cross brain ..................and a very fine alliteration(s) here: Sursurrant sounds That surge...but i found sursurrate, when i Googled for the meaning of sursurrant: (to be continued) ....
Hearing the whispers beneath the melody, a true musician can hear them! Loved the rhythm and symmetry of this poem. Thank you for sharing it. RoseAnn
Beautiful imagery write. Loved reading.
Nice poem i used it for my school poem recital my teacher loved it i think Lets say i might be ten

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