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A Headlong Plunge
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A Headlong Plunge

Poem By Valsa George

Swaddled in frozen silence
In a weather so dolorous and damp
The pores of her mind sweat painful memories
Which take a headlong flight
Faster than the beams of light

At times shaking their fearful manes
As unbridled steeds, they come
Raising dust behind
Making all sanity blurred.
Often they rise from their indulgent stupor
And spill over, submerging all extant thoughts

They never care to stand in queue
Jostling each other with no manners
They bump on one another, breaking all decorum
Like an unruly mob on impatient wait

Caught in the vortex of a whirling current
Her poor body begins to lose its equilibrium
And she plunges into an abysmal pit
To be choked there in whirling gloom!

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A dolorous mood and the painful memories....the heavy perplexity of the mind is sometimes likely to result in delirious as well as dangerous act...no wonder " she plunges into an abysmal pit To be choked there in whirling gloom! " ....A well thought out work Valsa...10++++
A sad reminiscence brought her headlong to the gloom once experienced.......Valsa.......metaphor so finely adopted makes the piece vibrant and lively...........
If someone is asleep or not completely awaken the memories become an in-disciplined crowd. Some times these memories are mixed in the sub-conscious grinder and a very abnormal shake is prepared. Some times it is furious and sometimes it is funny.
An amazing, just amazing piece of writing
beautiful poem....loved it.