RRG (January 31st / Hollywood, CA)

A Heads-Up From On High

Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven
the Kingdom of Heaven’s within

Except that you come through Me,
you cannot enter Heaven –
seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven –

The Kingdom of Heaven’s within

I’ve given you the key here,
I’m telling you I’m right here

I am in Heaven and
I am in you
And I can never be
anywhere else –
See, the Kingdom of Heaven
Lies deep within you
And I am in Heaven, too

Heaven is a state of being,
it’s not a place to go,
because, as I’ve told you,
so many times,
it’s within to yourself
you must go

There you must look,
like it says in the Book,
and My promise is, you will find Me

You’ve just got to realize
That I will never tell lies
And I’ve told you,
The Kingdom’s within!

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