EW (April 7,1977 / St. Paul, Minnesota)

A Healing Love

So enchanting,
Watching, as you begin to steal my empty heart
Away from me and fill it in with brand new dreams
And memories
Where things lay dormant you have awoke
With simple pleasures and rekindled hopes

I am captured,
A butterfly fluttering in your cupped palms
Unafraid, I allow myself to drift along
Your waves of calm
You help me breathe deep even breaths
I can feel the weight lift from my chest

It's mesmerizing
To bear witness to the power of your love
Like an Angel
You have washed away all the pain I used to feel
You are such a blessing, an enigma
Sometimes I can't believe you're real

Very patiently,
You have helped me to see
The beauty that life has to offer
It was always right in front of me
Through your eyes I see it all so vividly
The fog has cleared, the rain has dispersed
Thank you for setting me free

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Beautiful love poem elegantly penned from inner recesses of the heart, to capture the blissful and miraculous experience of Love. A well articulated piece subtly written with insight. A powerful love poem indeed. Thanks for sharing.
I thank you each for your gracious comments, I so appreciate you!
Just the poem I need to read after reading the one with brokenness. This is bursting with beauty and loaded with love. Wonderful words my friend! 10/10
A beautiful piece of love poem where you had been carried along to eternity with a peace of mind... very nice You may read my latest love poem Live in you
lovely feals of love from inside the deep of a loving heart Thanks Dear I invite you to read my poems and give your comments