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A Hearing Session

'A grueling monotony, in a crumbling society'
Was this not what you proclaimed as we took this case?
Your claim was quite clear when you emphasised piety

Let us call this gentleman to the stand, your honor
that we may hear his appeal for accountability
Sir, your official application for such a bold request
demands that we continue our analysis;

'If one land mine can destroy the human race
Then we demand from this Dane- a brand-new race'
We begin with exhibit A- the pen with which you wrote your life
A life lived so idle, so rich, so brash, so rife

If two would be nine, is it possible to trace
The trail of the bleeding expression on your about face?
We would begin with exhibit B- the seal you bestowed on your strife
A will so thick, you can cut with a knife

This session is adjourned
but without further delay
and this hearing will commence
when the decision is made

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