A Heart

Poem By Black Angel

A cheerful joyous heart,
a heart that's hid from view.
A heart that's so mysterious,
no one can see into.

A heart that's softly tender,
a heart that's strongly wise.
A heart that's so mysterious,
a heart that will surprise.

A heart that's kept in secret,
reserved unto His own.
A heart that's so mysterious,
its depth cannot been shown.

A heart sincerely humble,
a heart to rule and reign.
A heart that's so mysterious,
it cannot be explained.

A heart no one can search,
a heart that has no end.
A heart forever growing,
a mystery from begin.

A ancient Holy mystery,
a hidden dwelling place.
A heart that's so abundant,
a heart that's full of space.

A heart so deeply spacious,
a world within its own.
A heart so full of treasure,
a mystery never known.

A special kingly heart,
a heart that's Holy true.
A heart that's so mysterious,
no one can know it through.

Comments about A Heart

hey, i like this poem, it has good structure and mystery to it! good job

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