(Ageless / Dominican Republic)

A Heart And A Question!

Why did you trespass
The boundaries set by my heart?
You became an intruder,
Like a burglar at midnight
Stealing the most valuable jewels
Of now, this empty house!
Of yourself, you deprived
The chance of becoming my spouse...
MY great love and principles you defied,
Playing with my honest feelings,
And as result, down you really fell...
For stealing my precious heart,
Now, I charge you with a felonious crime,
And for making my life a pure hell,
For you, I have a big surprise,
Wait! until you find out! ...

With a thief like you,
It is not worthy to stick around...
There is not forgiveness or gratitude,
You became ugly, with an attitude...
You thought of making me weak,
But you failed, you enhanced my fortitude,
Instead, Yes indeed!
Now, of life, I am very proud,
No more tears or feeling lonely,
Because of you, I became,
'The One and Only'...!

©All Rights Reserved-2010

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Comments (27)

beautiful write Romeo. very touching and emotional.
Bravo! I really felt this. My heart broke, then I got stronger with you! <3
very well expressed poem right from the heart
a heartfelt love poem.....enjoyed it through! best wishes.....ritty
Very good poem. I wouldn't want to be in those shoes though!
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