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A Heart Breaks Easier Alone
(September 2nd,1966 / Groningen, The Netherlands)

A Heart Breaks Easier Alone

A heart breaks easier alone
When no one sees you crying
When no one notices at all
That inside you are dying

A heart breaks easier alone
When they all think you're crazy
That when you crawl back in your bed
The whole world thinks you're lazy

A heart breaks easier alone
And there's no way to mend it
To stop the heart from breaking more
You simply have to end it

A heart breaks easier alone
Without a love to heal it
And finally the breaking's done
When you no longer feel it

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Comments (6)

This poem is one of the best poems that i have ever seen
i loved this poem, it was so simple but beautifully written and very true. i also really like your poem 'seasons' your very talented!
Great poem. It comes from the heart. I love it
This is exceptionally well written. I agree that this poem is easy to read. It's clarity and flow are wonderful. If a poem is written from the ego, you usually can tell. This one seems to come straight from the heart.
Walter, This was very easy to read. Simply and beautifully written. I prefer simple poetry rather than ones you have to look up half the words in the dictionary. I really enjoyed this and of course every word is true. Kind regards Gypsy
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