A Heart Breaks Easier Alone

A heart breaks easier alone
When no one sees you crying
When no one notices at all
That inside you are dying

by Walter Krijthe Click to read full poem

Comments (6)

This poem is one of the best poems that i have ever seen
i loved this poem, it was so simple but beautifully written and very true. i also really like your poem 'seasons' your very talented!
Great poem. It comes from the heart. I love it
This is exceptionally well written. I agree that this poem is easy to read. It's clarity and flow are wonderful. If a poem is written from the ego, you usually can tell. This one seems to come straight from the heart.
Walter, This was very easy to read. Simply and beautifully written. I prefer simple poetry rather than ones you have to look up half the words in the dictionary. I really enjoyed this and of course every word is true. Kind regards Gypsy
the broken heart healed carrys on stronger and...wiser. Nice! kenneth