PA (Marshall.K / Jamaica)

A Heart Immobilized

My eyes are glued upon her image, staring endlessly

A delicate touch of her aura unknowingly ensnares me

Body and mind, frozen, I try to move closer, relentlessly,

Hot sweaty palms, fidgety fingers, breathing violently, what can this be?

Days passed it seems, still, only an inch closer, yet miles I have gone,

A sound, faint, it gets louder, music? No...a heart pounding,

Rain wets my face, rain? , no, sweat, I’m drowning, wait….a rag! .......None! !

Closer, closer, a finger tip away, hand...MOVE! ! ..slowly, a touch, an alarm sounding

Throat dry, heart racing, her skin, smooth, flawless, as is her beauty, touch, warm,

Goosebumps, something shoots up my spine, warm feeling, I’m shivering,

She realizes, her head is turning, slow motion, heart’s in overdrive, suddenly…calm,

Her eyes meet mine, entranced, beautiful eyes, cant look away, immobilized, a little quivering.

Her smile, a reassuring glance, such delicacy, such grace, befits a heavenly angelic dove,

A feeling…so strong, so present, could it really be, am I feeling………


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Love is what is left when lust fades... well done. :)