A Heart In Flight

Like a caged bird waiting for flight,
weary are her wings, mind full of fright.
Where will she soar, where will she go,
the bars of life have captured her soul.

Releasing her love within her own heart,
no one to share this fragile part.
How much love can a heart withstand,
not being able to share it, can bring life to an end.

Young and tender is her soul,
dying before flight, wanting to let go.
Soaring above the earth, a tremble in her wings,
listening to the echos, as the wind it sings.

Such a short life, no time to find love,
endlessly in flight looking for love.
Born to be captive, never being free,
aimlessly awaiting for love to come to thee.

Caged in fear, with only dreams to get by,
seeing only the beauty, as in her dreams they lie.
Knowing of this love and the strength it takes,
flying high above the heavens, in her heart she still waits.

by Ruth warren

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