BMR (4/17/1994 / West Virginia)

A Heart Of Mind And Love

A Heart of Mind and Love
Is a Heart of new
Though it is truly rare these days
It belongs with me and you

A Strengthful Heart
Belongs to the ones who believe
It is like roots gripping firmly in soil
On a splended oak tree

Facing the unknown danger
Brings forth Courage and Honor
It grows with thy Heart
Making it indeed, Stronger

Sincerly I write these words
So that in time of need
You read, seek, understand,

Because A Heart of Mind and Love
Is a divine, open, Fulfilling treasure
It will always, always, always
Belong to you and me

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Comments (5)

It's beautiful beyond words can compare! ! ! ! Nice work! ! !
Such wonderful Poem I thank you for enlightening me on how to face the world
As I read your poem it was quite awesome, I never realized that someone can take such deep thought on how should we live in the world. Thanks for such enlightenment
hey thanks for writing to me. i read your poems and i really like your writing technique. its really interesting to read and i like the inner meanings you put in your poems. you really are a great poet =)
Very nice and well put. I like the inner meaning.