A Heart's Riddle

Poem By Marie Joyce B. Negapatan

I have to give a clue
As to whom my heart is beating for
To put an end
To all these silly guesses
And pave way to where
My heart's beating never rests

An enigma
Out of a cloudy rhyme
Swirling waves of ink
Like a confused child
It is where the key lies
Behind these overused phrases
And dusty lines
Meant to be unraveled
Not just by any curious mind

A revelation
Of the dauntless heart
A surge of inspiration
That needs no further introduction
Built within this fortress of words
Where all emotions
I dare not say

But it is only through
A shiny mirror
As one stares lovingly
At his duplicate
Where the code breaks
The riddle of all riddles...

As to whom my heart is beating for.

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