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A Heart With Pain And Sorrow

A Heart With Pain And Sorrow

Poem By beautifully broken xxx

In this empty heart she found nothing but pain and sorrow
In this empty heart nothing ever grows
In this empty heart no love can enter for she will only go

This heart was brought up in hurt and pain by man
She did not even no there name
She stood and took it all but she wont stand for it no more

She will block the pain and hurt
And sorrow too
She will ignore the love by you

She will stay strong and live life each day
And prosper in every way
With out your pain love and feelings

She’s left you behind
To find a new beginning
She in the present looking for the way to live

And now she found her happiness
Without your hurting words and scarring ways
She’s moved on into brighter days

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the last line deeply touched me..yes, moving on is the right thing to do..thanks for this, Tasha