A Hefty Chunk

We all like to take the best bite that we can
And it's best that we are one staunchest fan
In this way we will always be our own man
If things do not turn out we can look for other demands
Each new increment adds to the pile
And if successful, we should not be beguiled
Life is a series of trials
In which we meet some denials
All in all this is what we have to face
And to lose out occasionally is no disgrace
Sometimes we only manage to get a trace
When this happens,we have to accept it with grace
Then we have to turn a leaf and get braced
Sometimes we bite off more than we can chew
That's because we don't think it through and through
A little more effort could give us a different view
But in any even we should hold our head high
And to get the best advantage, try and try
This can be advantages, this we cannot deny
Troublesome as it may be-we all want a share of the pie.

by Edward Philpitt

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