The Confinements Of Their Social Earth

Oh, never mind the broken words of
Siamese twins—
I just want to check out the layout of
The sun,
And lie there, as the beach engorges
The world as
You know it will—
As pretty girls are passing by, willing to
To look up at the angels who
Belong on Christmas trees
Now that the summer is almost
Over and the daylight is gone from
The housewife's eyes,
As if the fireworks they had spent too much
Money on had
Fled the confinements of their social Earth.

by Robert Rorabeck

Comments (5)

It is written nicely, and I love the meaning behind the words. Turning something so heart wrenching into something so equally heart wrenching, it isn't easy. Beautiful work.
Your words are true, cheating by a partner is pure hell, deadlier than death, it rips your heart out and tears your soul. My heart goes out to your friend, it is a difficult thing to have to deal with, there are so many other women out there who deserve a love that's true and would never cheat on them. Hopefully, one will find him soon. Thank you for expressing the pain of a cheaters lies, it may help others to know of this deceit that could happen to anyone. RoseAnn
Thank you A close friend of mine suffered a lot. Living abroad he invested his time and money on his girl who was not faithful.He missed so many honest girls in the mean time
very true...well crafted piece.
Here a lover's little depression is revealed. the poem is written quite well. like this thanks