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A Hidden Treasure!
Michael Fischer (March 30,1987 / Buffalo, New York)

A Hidden Treasure!

Behind those thick-rimmed glasses
stands a woman with much potential.
She's bright, humorous, and beautiful;
But she doesn't realize it.
What a shame!

She labeled herself 'undesirable.'
She wears its crest on her shirt
and lives by it day and night.
If only she thought otherwise.
What a shame!

If she gave herself a second chance,
she could be captivating; a goddess
with more than external beauty.
But she doesn't realize it.
What a shame...for other men!
She's the hidden treasure I cherish;
With time, I'll make her flourish!

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Comments (10)

Yes, you are very right. She should captivate goodness and beauty. With time she will be cherished and flourished. This poem is an excellent poem...10
Wonderful poem! No matter what she saw or thought of herself, you found and fell in love with the beauty of her soul and cherished her. Sounds like a great beginning for romance. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn
I liked that, the poem is easy to read and easy to get, with a claire meaning. hey, take a loot at my poem 'Even if I'm out of town' if time! Maja Vestad
I love this one. It speaks to a truth I have seen for so many years. It speaks to me in ways I smile when I still see it.
beautiful poem...luvd it.!
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