GJS (Sept.22,1946 / Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario)

A Higher Perspective


We get a higher perspective when
We fly above the clouds
And look down on this world and wonder why
Would the God who made this earth
And who came through mortal birth
Would place Himself upon a cross and die

What sinner's that we are
To look around below, and
Think, that we have, a better plan
Than what, God has put in place
To save His human race
To take upon Himself the sins of man

I reckon we should reconsider
Of the wonder we've been placed here
All the resources God has given for our good
Precious oil and gas and lumber
Many others without number
Upon the very planet where He stood

For man to raise his puny fist
And say I don't believe
Is beyond, one's wildest imagination
When God's gives him, breath to breathe
And from sin a full reprieve
If he accepts, God's gift of Salvation

In true repentance faith and trust
Come humble as a child
Eternal life receive from the Saviour
He will come and live inside
Remove all sin and pride
You will then be found in God's favour!

Copyright March 9,2011,6: 15 a.m.
Gary James Smith

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