A Hindi Ghazal - 1

Poem By Sunil Uniyal

Original ~

pyaas to hai par jaam nahin hai
taruvar hai par chhaaon nahin hai

jeevan kee tedhi raahon main
thakan bahut, aaraam nahin hai

subah rikta see rahtee hai par
poorit bhi koi shaam nahin hai

chalte-chalte doob gayaa din
aayaa abhi mukaam nahin hai

bheerh lagi hai bhakton kee par
kahin deekhte Raam nahin hain

kaisaa ultaa-pultaa jaga main,
kahin chhaaon, kahin ghaam nahin hai


Thirst is there but the goblet isn't
Tree is there but its shade isn't

Much tiresome are its meandering paths,
Rest in life there isn't

Blank and empty the morning looks,
Filled-up the evening too, isn't

The day has gone journeying on,
Yet at hand destination isn't

The crowd of devotees is around
But in sight the Lord isn't

The world is all topsy-turvy,
Where shade is there sun isn't.


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