(14 January 1953 - / Lucknow / India)

A Hindi Ghazal - 2


lahar thee, tata par bikhar gayi
zindagi yoon hee guzar gayi

unhi raaston par kataa safar
guzare the log jinse kayi

chehraa jo bhi hamko milaa
usee par dikhe mukhaute kayi

kis but se karen shikvaa ham
sochate rahe din-raat yahi

sayaano ne bahut samjhaayaa
par rahe ham vahi ke vahi

shabd-jaal hee hamne bune,
hamse hui na koyi baat nayi


Dissipating itself like a wave on the shore,
This life has been just that, nothing more.

Same roads I've travelled again and again
Through which have so many passed in vain.

Every face that I met on the way
Had masks manifold, I must say.

Which idol I should my plaint address,
Day and night I'm under this stress.

The wise have advised me times umpteen,
But I've remained what I've been.

I just wove webs with many a word,
Nothing was new in what I've uttered.

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One of the problems with English is that it has so many sounds to it that it is difficult to get that repetition of sound. Obviously (though I don't understand Hindi) Hindi does not have that problem and in some ways it sounds like Latin. This is a lovely sounding poem and a real pleasure to read. I was ignorant of the form of Ghazal and it is a very striking approach to the use of couplets. It definately fits in with the sound of the Hindi language. I know that Rumi used this form but I am not partial to his work, or at least the translations that I've come across. I'm not to sure that this keeps to the rhyming scheme but even so the feel of the poem is great and it is perhaps my pronunciation that is at fault.