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A Hint At What Is Beautiful?
YP (05/08/1941 / Mauritius)

A Hint At What Is Beautiful?

Beautiful is the 'thank you'
Wrapped with gratitude,
Offered to peace prone people
Who offer what is real-themselves
To nurse with love and humility
napalm asphyxiated victims
in our stained world

veiling ambition with face of
humanity.Beautiful is the moment
when sunlit world fades away
And with it mind made mirror
While look inward drawn, sight insight led,
and heart shuts out desire to let in

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Beautiful poem, expressing the inner beauty of our being and existence, should we chose to be beautiful.
All our sense organs are open to outside. Such is His creation. Look inward to realize the Bliss associated with Consciousness. An insightful poem from a philosopher poet 10+
the true meaning of beauty lies within our heart...When the heart is beautiful everything will follow.10++
Beauty is a signpost pointing to the inner world of another person. We are drawn to it, because Mother Nature has instilled a wish to sound the depths of others' hearts and to empathize with their suffering. A purely extroverted face, though its features be regular, does not fascinate us as much as a face having a unique inner dimension. A 10+!
That's just so lovely, you remind me of a gentle giant I know!
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