CMM (1953 june / Glasgow Scotland.)

Zz Internet Or Books

1. Nearly all published books
kill trees
2. Nearly all published books
cost money
3. Books take much longer
to distribute
4. Nearly all books are read
by only an infinitesimal
fraction of the population
5. As more and more book store
chains go out of business, the
right wing fleshmonger Barnes
and Noble is currently dominant.
6. The big book publishers often
secretly demand product placement
for fast food chains, boozemongering,
animal flesh peddling, lies
about 911, fawning over the FBI

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History is written by the victors so I discount it as being far from the truth Enjoyable discourse well worth the reading several times Ivor hogg
I'm right with you Charles on the 'point of view, point of vision'. We just don't have the facts and if we did we'd be so awash with data that we couldn't make sense of it. Move an inch and the picture changes. A great and entertaining summation, spiced with eloquent wit. A bit of a triumph. Excellent work as ever. jim
World history in a nutshell - pretty clever. You make it so easy -where were you when I was flunking History 101? Great poem, Charlie - took some research, too. You really do it right! Linda
Oof - all true. Too enormous a hunk of history to digest. Of course, Churchill said that the trouble with the Balkans was that they produced more history than they could consume. That witty man sponsored the Battle of Gallipoli, proving he could do his own bit. Mustn't rant. One last thing, a quote from Vonnegut: 'History: read it and weep.' I'm simply awestricken by this great glob of erudition - and regret - and love. You got in some pretty good punches, too. Go, Charlie! Until they come for you, keep singing. Will
hmmmmm! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
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