A Hole In My Heart

Go to her and apologise
the word keep ringing
but arrogance was againt it
after my second aniversary
arrogance left me like an ophan
only to be left alone with a humble heart

where do i start now?
sadness wore me like a garment
like a barren mother
and now my love keeps waxing stronger day by day

All wrongs have i made
surely, i owe her an apology
like Hosea and his wife

Hm! we met, truly we do
she was glowing
glowing i say, like fresh leaves
pleading with the almighty water on my face
and my leg surrendered me onto my knee

Her word kept ringing
'no, I married last week'
you should have come earlier'
saying with the most powerful
sensation of sadness

unhealed wound has been made
and a coffin has been nailed
for me to carry till i fade.

by Mimiko moruf oluwakayode

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