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A Hole In The Ground
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

A Hole In The Ground

The centre of the forest was
well covered with thick brush.
And all the trees were full of moss,
the canopy looked lush.

When from the left and from the right
two figures could be seen,
they gave the little creatures fright
and weren't all that clean.

One was a man, long beard, short hair,
the other one had breasts.
She looked intriguing, to be fair
but wasn't the best dressed.

Their paths now crossed
when suddenly
the ground did disappear
and they were tossed quite literally
into a pit - no landing gear.

They had never expected
a hole in the ground,
thus did not detect it,
this big hole that was round.

So the made an attempt
to climb out of this pit,
and she stood on his shoulders
for this escape bid.

An electrical current
then went through his hands
that were holding her legs
like two sturdy steel bands.
And the amperage was strong,
so it got his attention,
thus it wasn't so wrong
what I next here will mention.

She slid down from the top
and he caught her with ease,
so he propped her head up
but she wasn't a tease.

And they stayed there, down under
and don't ask me why,
because I sometimes do wonder
whether pigs could not fly.

What we know is that both
knew that faith had just thrown
both their lives in a head-spin
for new love to be grown.

What is not known to people
is that wings they acquired
and formidable teeth
that the Gods themselves sired.

But all other secrets
now stay underground,
you will hear no more tidbits.
From my lips - no more sound.

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Enjoyed this one... Thanks Alison
Nicely written Herbert.....very nice
i like this one it has got everything I canot tell you in words how much I love your work cheers sylvia
I just want to say I like this POem. Is someone going to bite my head off? ? ? ? Why all this agro? ? ? MM
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