Don’t give up
Don’t be shy
Don’t lose the hope
But always try
Be quite and be happy
Don’t be sad, don’t cry
Just like the bird
Freely and happily fly
From place to place
From low to high
High in the sky
That it is a truth
It is never a lie
In this way
Hope will never die
Eyes will forever be dry
Search and look for happiness
Which forever you will buy
Try and try
and don’t be shy

Majid Gaggi

by Majid Gaggi

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Enjoyed this one... Thanks Alison
Nicely written Herbert.....very nice
i like this one it has got everything I canot tell you in words how much I love your work cheers sylvia
I just want to say I like this POem. Is someone going to bite my head off? ? ? ? Why all this agro? ? ? MM
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