CA (January 02,1962 / Lagos, Nigeria)

A Hole In The Heart Of A City

Ninjas armed with flying swords
noble offerings on ignoble wings
temples of blood on towers of strength
nightmare at dawn.
Evil boarded on a flight of blind faith
assembly of clouds of innocents
purpled sky with vials of horror
terror at dawn.
Web of fear spawned by fairy tales
untimely paradise violently seduced
heroes begot in lairs of deception
anguish at dawn.

Yeast of hatred: bread of sorrow
table of friendship sawn asunder
pills of distrust freely dispensed
angst at dawn.
Odious fumes of a vile sacrifice
pyramid pyres of steel
ashen faces
gloom at dawn.
Rabid warriors unleashed
crimson embers stoked
disaster at dawn.
Killers vilified and adorned
strength resurrected
dagger of vengeance
peace at night?

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