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A House Called Lonely (A Trilogy In Three Parts)

There is a street in every town that owns a house
called lonely. Then when your just passing by you might
just say, 'if only.
If only could mean a life time of thoughts but it does'nt cure
a lonely house and all its faults.
Boarded up windows and tiles gone from the roof, graffiti
painted by a rebelious youth.
Such a lonely house and an oh such a tired one,
one that has lost all it's fun.
Stairs and rafters all gone to pot all that is left
is wood worm and dry rot.
No children playing in the garden, it's just a house condemend
by the council without no pardon. Poor lonely house someones
forgotton dream, now describing lifes social scene.
This lonely house stands in the way because their building
a By Pass or a new motorway.
The house called lonely could be any where, in the town, the
country or city square.
Even in your street there's a house called lonely just waiting
for you to say 'if only'

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Thanks, Sylvie, for directing me to this poem. Seems some of your readers know a house which fits this description. I know one or two as well. Your poem, the first in the trilogy, describes a sad and lonely old house, and it's given me the appetite to read the other two now...... Love, Fran xxx
This is a lovely theme for a poem and you have tackled it very well. I like your use of the words 'if only'. How many times have we all walked by a house with great potential - often overgrown like 'The Secret Garden' - but neglected and unloved and unpainted and used those words. love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxx
Your insight is amazing. Well done. It was like the house next to the lonely house was describing the emptiness.
It's sad whatever you touched at last there were lot of houses but only one home a soul imprisoned in the life-jail once and the jailbird say good-bye in this sojourn dance? your lonely house described the truth of loneliness.
Truly - a very haunting narration. But, it is very well written by you. You have done full justice to the theme of the poem....
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