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Memories On Your Birthday

You taught me how to bake a cake
So many years ago,
You took me swimming in the lake
And walking in the snow;
We went to watch 'The Black Hand'
And 'Wake of the Red Witch', too -
I don't remember many things
I couldn't make you do;
You used to put my hair up
In pins to make it curl,
So many hours I spent with you
When I was just a girl;
You'd come and play piano
And I loved to hear you play,
Your fingers danced like butterflies
On a lazy summer day;
I loved to eat your sandwiches
Of butter and cream cheese
Whenever I would spend the night
Or picnic 'neath the trees;
You spoke to me of many things
That now I understand -
We wander through 'Green Mansions'
With our spirits hand in hand;
I have so many memories
To last my whole life through,
If anyone has touched my heart
It certainly was you;
I feel we have a special bond
That few will ever know,
And we'll always be together
Wherever the road may go.

Written for my favorite' aunt' five months before she died of a stroke. I had a feeling I wouldn't see her again, and it was true.

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I like the few poems of yours I have read cheers
This is a brilliant poem Like beeing light itself making a journey inside your house Beautiful writing from you my friend! Pia
A lovely descriptive poem, thankyou. Moyaxx
Dear Peter this is tranquil and full of different colours and hues.Brilliant.Lots of atmosphere.Love Duncan
A flowing, elegantly written poem that transported me from busy, grey London to peaceful, sunny Yorkshire.
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