Maybe I'll See You

Maybe I'll see you so soon my sweet love,
God willing sooner than we've thought
if there truly is any mercy on earth.
Do you believe in miracles and mercy dear one?
This is where so much will hinge for me
my sweet Angel dove if I believe in mercy anymore.

Next month there's a very good chance
I'll be returning to Utah for a week or two.
If God will bless us I will see you
and you'll see me too.
If we see each other at first don't speak,
just let me open my arms out to you
so you can give me the sign you want
me to take hold and pull you in.
Then with tears I'll tell you I love you
and have missed you like hell.
Please forgive me and love me for all time.
If we see each other let's embrace
and talk as long as we can
and if possible only part while we get our
plans and things together at last.

If God will have mercy and bless us so true
maybe we'll see each other so soon.
I swore I would never return there
except to see and be with you my dear one.
Pray with me dear that our dream will come true,
I love you dear Kira and I want to see you.

by Michael P. McParland

Comments (11)

I like the few poems of yours I have read cheers
This is a brilliant poem Like beeing light itself making a journey inside your house Beautiful writing from you my friend! Pia
A lovely descriptive poem, thankyou. Moyaxx
Dear Peter this is tranquil and full of different colours and hues.Brilliant.Lots of atmosphere.Love Duncan
A flowing, elegantly written poem that transported me from busy, grey London to peaceful, sunny Yorkshire.
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