A House Of Light

From my cottage kitchen window I can see
Two fields away the blue, the shining sea
And ships that slowly glide to far-off shores
Each one a separate world with its own laws;

by Pete Crowther Click to read full poem

Comments (11)

I like the few poems of yours I have read cheers
This is a brilliant poem Like beeing light itself making a journey inside your house Beautiful writing from you my friend! Pia
A lovely descriptive poem, thankyou. Moyaxx
Dear Peter this is tranquil and full of different colours and hues.Brilliant.Lots of atmosphere.Love Duncan
A flowing, elegantly written poem that transported me from busy, grey London to peaceful, sunny Yorkshire.
Your words paint Light. Your eyes see into Light. Beautiful, Peter.
Thank you for your wish for peace to all your readers, because we surely find it when we read works like this. In my mind's eye, I see the river, the sea, and your peaceful cottage between.
This is a poem with such a peaceful feel about it. If I had that sort of view from my window, I might never leave home! This is lovely, Peter. Raynette
I usually don't like rhyming couplets but this one works. Nice one
Oooh, sounds lovely. I will call in and visit next time I'm passing. Beautiful description. I agree with Philippa, it does sound very cosy and I can tell from the poem that you love it and are very happy there.9
Very cosy. And comforting. My only comment would be that I would have used 'sunlit' instead of 'sunny'...