(23 September 1861 – 25 August 1907 / )

A Huguenot

Oh, a gallant set were they,
As they charged on us that day,
A thousand riding like one!
Their trumpets crying,
And their white plumes flying,
And their sabres flashing in the sun.

Oh a sorry lot were we,
As we stood beside the sea,
Each man for himself as he stood!
We were scattered and lonely-
A little force only
Of the good men fighting for the good.

But I never loved more
On sea or on shore
The ringing of my own true blade.
Like lightening it quivered,
And the hand helms shivered,
As I sang, “None maketh me afraid!”

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A thought provoking war poem displaying the mindset of the soldiers fighting for good cause.
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