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A Human Rat Race

Life has it's ups and downs you lose and you win
And is there one amongst us not guilty of sin?
And greed now in every Land and every place
Of the World we inhabit we've made a rat race.

Greed has spread around the World from north to southern shore
For we are living in the age by some known as much wants more
Due to the destruction of their habitat species of birds and animals become extinct every day
And extinction is is forever as conservationists always say.

Rich people have a big home and backyard swimming pool and two new cars some own three
A big fishing boat and a condominium by the sea
To own more than one home the privileged see as quite okay
Money does speak every language and 'tis always been that way.

The gap between the rich and the poor is increasing World-wide
And the wealthy have the advantage of money on their side
That all people are equal is a blatant lie
'Tis only poor people of the hunger who die.

Greed and corruption is not now a stranger in any place
We've made out of the World a Human rat race
For many more than enough is not quite good enough
Whilst millions are homeless and they have to sleep rough

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