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A Human World Of Winners And Losers

A Human World of winners and losers is the sort of World that we are living in
Where many do end up as losers just for a few for to have a win
Yet many of the wealthiest of people can be spiritually poor in some way
Everyone becomes a loser when Life's Reaper on our lives has the say
Those who happen to be wealthy and famous are people many do admire
The people who look up to people known for their money huge amounts of money themselves do desire
But the way that you treat people does say far more about you
Than all of your Worldly possessions and the power that goes with them can do
I do like compassionate people for the welfare of others they genuinely does care
Their gift to them is such a blessing and with others their gift they do share
I believe you cannot be a winner if you are not compassionate and kind
A fact that of many are ignorant and ignorance as said can be blind
A Human World of winners and losers where many lack in empathy
And for those who find life a hard battle there is never that much sympathy.

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