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Through Shadows A Shape
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Through Shadows A Shape

Poem By James McLain

Sudden, as a bolt from the blue,
Came down a humming bird;
Skimming down and darting up
As an ever revolving top.

It reeled round and round
Before it alighted on a shoe flower;
That hung from a drooping branch
In the corner of my front yard garden.

It precariously clung on to it
Like a small pendant on a chain
A sight so cool, now so rare
That lighted up my dull spirits!

Once they, showed themselves up
On almost every sunny day
Promptly after the monsoon rains
When the plants en masse, in resplendent blooms

Oh! How I love this tiny bird
Not larger than a bumble bee
Dressed in a cloak of green and black
Flitting round on fluttering wings

With terrific feats and nimble jerks
It hovers close to hanging blooms
Balancing itself sans any support
And draws out nectar with needle bill

I fail to capture its lightning move
As it goes whizzing through the lambent air
Quickly disappearing like a mote of soot
Losing itself in the vast expanse of the blue

Being less than an ounce of fat
So light, sleek and well streamlined
It travels faster than the light of speed
In a fleeting dash, moving out of sight

Can any other bird rival it in agility
Or vie with it in its simple grace?
How cute, this spirit of ‘unbodied joy'
This winged diminutive denizen of the sky!

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Comments (45)

A very vivid and beautiful description of a hummingbird. In a couple of seconds I was able to take a glimpse of this wonderful bird. This marvelous write expresses in beautiful detail the great attributes of a hummingbird. Beautifully crafted and well executed write. Superb imagery.10++++++
very beautiful description about the little bird
Humming bird is ever adorable and this winged diminutive is denizen of the sky. Skimming down this reels round and round and this entirely amazes mind. A great imagery is drawn for this bird in this poem. This is very beautifully penned.10
A tiny, attractive bird with black and orange combination, and a long pointed beak that sets it apart as a wonderful creation of God. Loved the soft flow and the texture of this beautiful humming bird poem. A sure 10+++
I love this bird, Valsa-ji. But, unfortunately, we don't see them much in our areas. What we have is a slightly larger variety. Last year around this time I was at Tucson, Arizona, USA, where these birds are seen aplenty. In fact, at one of their aviaries, there is a special enclosure for the humming bird. There they give you wonderful scientific details about this bird's habits and movements. Your poem is a nice write. Enjoyed it. (10)