A Humorous Death

Distance stretches
to the horizon,
over the edge
is the distance down.
I am over
Falling slow as a feather.

My past passes me,
It is a long way,
the bottom.
In the mortuary of mind
lay my ancestors
arms open and calling.
The dying left in me
will not speed its entirity
towards the inevitable.

>> <<

My ancestors are laughing now.
Applauding joyfully,
glad that I am released
from the restrictions of being.

by Sally Plumb Plumb

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Very beautiful poem dear poet...... thanks////////
Your poems are Profoundly sophisticated. I am impressed at your " education" too- or lack thereof. I myself, though 'educated' have found the most powerful education through that of life though it be more difficult, and one one may need a break from in a University sometimes.
Thankyou for all of your remarks I’ve taken them on board. Lovely to hear from you.(Is that correct?) Best Regards Sally.
OH, YEAH, VERY NICE puncuation! such is to be EXPECTED on a POEM site, isn't it? but it AIN'T always so! ! ! i wish i could SEE the punctuation more easily; that one reason i enlarge the poem on this screen. bri :)
(CONT.) Sally, i plan to use this in my upcoming October showcase, where will appear the poem title & text, and your name (3 times!) . any questions? showcases almost always have the month and year in the title. Thanks. bri ;)
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